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Our Approach to Assisted Living Is Surprisingly Close to Home

It’s only natural to want to retain as much independence as possible in life. But sometimes people need a little assistance. Three Links Care Center offer a fresh approach to assisted living that provides just the right amount of supportive services in a warm, home-like setting.

First, we encourage our residents to do as much for themselves as possible. However, as the need arises, our caring, professional staff offers assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and medication reminders as needed. Our excellent staff-to-resident ratio assures residents the care they need, 24 hours a day.

We also handle many time-consuming chores, including housekeeping, flat laundry, lawn care and maintenance. That way residents can focus their attention on more important things … like staying active and enjoying life.

Secondly, we offer a variety of activities to stimulate the mind, body and spirit such as educational classes, arts and crafts projects, discussion groups, outings, exercise programs, …

Choosing an Adult Family Home

Adult family homes offer a wide variety of options for the residents of our community.  The family setting gives the individuals a “home atmosphere” which plays a part in their everyday quality of life.  These homes are licensed by the Department of Social and Health Services.

When choosing a home for your loved one you can never be too thorough.  It is vitally important to ask the appropriate questions:

Ask about the history of the Adult Family Home.What are the qualifications of the caregiving staff?Are there any visitation restrictions?Under what circumstances will a resident be asked to leave?What is the protocol for handling medical emergencies?When will rates be adjusted?What are extra fees charged?What are refund policies?Does the home provide transportation to doctor appointments, etc?What if the resident becomes heavy care –will he/she have to move out?
Be observant when visiting an Adult Family Home:

Is the home neat and clean?Is the home free of odor?What kind of meals are serv…

Choosing Your Level of Senior Care

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How to know when an assisted living residence is right for your loved one.
When it comes to choosing a senior care facility for your loved one, you need to be as informed as possible. We are here to help you with the industry information that will act as the basis for your big decision. If you are wondering whether an assisted living residence is right for your loved one, learn about the different levels of care available to her, below.

Choosing appropriate senior care starts with knowing your loved one well and getting in tune with her daily needs, activities and struggles. This will help you find a living situation that meets his needs and suits her preferences. Next, browse over the levels of senior care listed below to determine whether she would be best served in an assisted living residence, a nursing home, or a continuing care retirement community.

Senior Care Option #1: Assisted Living Residence
Assisted living residences offer care to aging individuals who need help with some a…

What Memory Care Can Do for You or Your Loved One

Those that have either begun to lose their memory or are having memory issues, may have a very hard time dealing with the process of finding a good memory care facility. This however does not have to be the case, there are plenty of memory care facilities that are out there that can make the transition from at home care to a memory care facility far easier than you may imagine. Senior independent living may not be an option for every memory care patient but with the right facility, anyone can maintain a bit of their independence while still getting the proper memory care.
Memory care does a few specific things for a senior and their family. For starters, memory care offers a peace of mind that is not readily available when a senior lives alone. Memory care and senior independent living facilities offer a limited amount of help for seniors while still giving them some independence and say in their own care. They are able to go to the store if they are able, they can do as they please i…

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Socialization and Its Importance to Seniors

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One of the essential needs in an older person's life is socialization. Unfortunately, many seniors live alone, and high-level isolation is not an uncommon issue. This essential need seems difficult to overcome when looking at face value, but when tested, it can be an easy dilemma to solve.
Seniors living at home who are experiencing the best independent life may still be lonely at times. Home care recipients can get in touch and communicate with others, but may not always spend as much time with caregivers as they would like. It is important for all seniors - if possible - to get out of the house and communicate with others.
Although socialization is often considered a group activity or crowd situation, it is usually something as simple as a visit from family or a shopping trip and having lunch or time together. Time together can help prevent disease and strengthen the immune system, research has shown.
The importance to seniors for social communication is well documented. Howeve…

Help Seniors Recover From Falls

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You don't frequently consider moving from place to put as conceivably hazardous, however the truth for some seniors is that it can be. While slips and falls are a noteworthy dread for more seasoned grown-ups, symbolizing both a physical concern and a potential loss of freedom, a fall doesn't need to be life changing. In the event that your senior adored one has as of late encountered a slip, here are a few things to remember to help with recuperation, both physical and mental.

Comprehend that falls will happen 

In spite of best goals and preventive measures, the reality remains that seniors are tormented by falls more frequently than you may understand. Indeed, as indicated by The New York Times, these episodes have really been expanding as of late. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distinguished falls as the main source of damage - both deadly and nonfatal - for those more than 65. Actually, the source noticed that approximately 33% of seniors will encounter a fal…